If you love books (my favorite thing to collect) and don’t know about Coralie Bickford-Smith you are seriously missing out.  She’s a cover designer at Penguin Books and her designs are one of a kind.  Her cloth-bound designs can be hard to come by and quick to sell out.  The colors and the details in the design look stunning sitting together on a bookshelf.

These books were originally sold in the UK before coming to the US.  By the time I discovered them and started buying copies, some of the titles were already out of print — I spent weeks scouring ebay to get an out-of-print copy of Crime and Punishment.  (I finally ended up buying it from an ebay seller in Australia for $75.00.  Worth every penny.)

Sweet and Lovely Favorites: Beautiful Books

Sweet and Lovely Favorites: Cloth Bound Series 1Sweet and Lovely Favorites: Cloth Books 2[photos found here, here, and here]

Ms. Bickford-Smith and Penguin have really outdone themselves now with their newly released designs for a collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald novels.  The Art Deco styling and the metallic films put these books into their very own category of awesome.  I can’t wait to get my hands on these books to add to my collection!

Penguin Classics: Fitzgerald BooksSweet and Lovely Favorites: Penguin Fitzgerald Books

[photos found here]

(Check out this great interview with Ms. Bickford-Smith where she talks about her process for creating new cover designs.)

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