Hello Sweet and Lovely readers!

Clearly it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but in honor of the site’s six month anniversary today (woo woo!) I figured I’d make my return to posting. Rather than go on about how I’ve been neglecting the blog because I’ve been crazy busy at work, or studying for some professional exams, or trying to clean and organize my apartment from top to bottom (if you don’t already know, the Magic Eraser is just about the greatest cleaning product ever), I’ll jump right to the thing I really wanted to post about:

Michelle Obama’s dress from this past weekend’s 2012 Washington Correspondent’s Dinner.

Michelle Obama 2012 Correspondent's Dinner Dress[image source]

Michelle Obama 2012 Correspondent's Dinner[image source]

So great.  Love that she wore a patterned dress to a black tie event.  Such a rare thing for anyone to do, but she totally pulls it off (like everything else she chooses to wear.)

She was particularly smart is skipping a necklace and going with some large, but simple, earrings.  A necklace would have just been way too busy.  The earrings help to make the outfit look funky and hip.

The dress was designed by Naeem Kahn, who I had never heard of, but whom I’ve decided has really lovely aesthetic in his designs — lots of intricate bead work, interesting colors, and pretty details:

Naeem Kahn Dress_1

Naeem Kahn Dress_2

Naeem Kahn Dress_3

Naeem Kahn Dress_4

Naeem Kahn Dress_5[image source]

Anyway, just wanted to spend a few minutes gushing about how much I love Michelle Obama’s sense of style and this dress in particular.  Not sure how many people outside of Washington, DC pay attention to the Correspondent’s Dinner, but I know people have been talking about this dress!

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