Oh, Monday.  I wasn’t ready for the weekend to be over.  But since it is and it’s time to get back down to business, I wanted to share one of my favorite design ideas to start the week off right!

Sweet and Lovely Black Doors

Feel like making a dramatic change to your space without alot of money?  Paint the doors black!  I love the look of black doors on the interior. It makes a room look much more luxurious, unique, and put together.

I’ve been dying to paint the doors in my own apartment, but something about it just seems overwhelming (I’m a little afraid I’ll spill black paint all over everything) so I haven’t taken the plunge just yet. But if you’ve been thinking about it, here are a few tips to getting it right (other than the obvious tip of not spilling the paint!):

Choose a glossy finish for a bright look: You can go with a matte, a gloss, or something in between.  If you’re a little bit worried about these big dark panels in your house, use a high gloss paint!  The gloss will help to reflect some light to bounce back into the room.  A matte finish (like the barn door image below) will give you more of a dark, rustic look.

Paint the doors, even if you don’t want to paint the trim: Sure, you can paint your doors black and paint all of the coordinating trim black too, but that’s going to be a pretty big change to the look of your room.  If that’s a level of color commitment you aren’t willing to make, go ahead and paint the doors anyway and leave the trim alone.  Black doors with the white trim will still work beautifully.

Black doors can be a great focal point if you’re working with a mostly neutral palette or basic layout: Sometimes you’re looking for an architectural feature to be the focal point of your room, but you don’t have the time/money/ability to undergo an architectural renovation project.  Try painting your doors black, and see how that changes the way you see your space.

Pair black doors with bright brass hardware: It’s a smart, sophisticated, and crisp look.

Black doors will work, no matter what style you have in your home: Funky, traditional, modern, or eclectic — it doesn’t matter. Black doors will complement whatever else you have going on already.

Here are some great inspiration photos for your own black door project:

Sweet and Lovely Black Doors_2[photo source]

Sweet and Lovely Black Doors_3[photo source]

 Sweet and Lovely Black Doors_4[photo source]

Sweet and Lovely Black Doors_5[photo source]

Sweet and Lovely Black Doors_10[photo source]

Sweet and Lovely Black Doors_7[photo source]

Sweet and Lovely Black Doors_8[photo source]

Sweet and Lovely Black Doors_9[photo source]

[top photo source]

Have you already painted some of your doors black?  Have any good tips to share? Let us know!


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