Key West House

Ah, Key West.  So beautiful!

I’m not much of a photographer (in fact, I rarely take any photos) but I wanted to post a few snapshots from my Key West adventure.  There was so much to see.

The photo above is my dad’s house (on the left) in the Old Town area, an authentic Key West Conch-style house. So what makes Key West so interesting?

Bright Colors

There were so many colors everywhere! On the houses, on the street, and in the restaurants.

Key West Pier

Green Restaurant Key West

Pink House Key West

Random Animals

Lots of bizarre animals roaming around.  Pelicans who weren’t afraid of the tourists — and seemed to want to pose for photos — and TONS of wild roosters and hens just walking along the streets. It’s truly an odd sight.

Key West Pelican

Key West Rooster

So Much Pretty

A few of my favorites: pretty porch (my dad’s!), pretty beach, pretty house (which was actually a craft beer and wine bar) and pretty shop.

Key West Porch

Key West Beach

Sweet and Lovely House Key West

Coach Store Key West

Boats and Bars

The unexpected thing about Key West is while you might think it’s a big beach resort destination, it’s really more of a fishing/boating/drinking town.  Lots of docks, lots of boats, and lots of bars.

Docks Key West

Key West Bar

Key West Boat


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