Downton Abbey Season 2Are you watching Downtown Abbey?  If not, it’ll be your new favorite show! It’s so lovely and charming, and I just can’t get enough. I caught the first season on Netflix last year, and the second season is starting this weekend — Sunday, January 8th on Masterpiece Classics on PBS.

The show is centered on the goings-on of the wealthy Crawley family, their three daughters, and the servants at Downton Abbey, their estate home in Yorkshire England in the early 1900s. Lord Crawley and his American wife Cora are trying to get their three daughters married off to suitable men, while dealing with the fact that their large fortune will be going to a distant male relative instead of one of their daughters.

The plot lines include the wealthy “upstairs” family and the working class “downstairs” servants, and each are equally compelling. You’ll instantly find yourself drawn into their world, and wrapped up in the gossip of the day.  This show is a little bit Jane Austen, a little bit Gossip Girl.

Downton Abbey

You can watch the first season on the show’s website, or on Netflix (if you subscribe.)  You still have time to get caught up before the Season 2 premiere on Sunday!

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