There are so many great things to discover on Etsy, but sometimes it can be tough to sort through the less awesome stuff to really find the gems.  Here are a handful of my favorite shops, to help you narrow your search and see what goodies you can find.

(And tell me, what are YOUR favorite Etsy shops?  I always enjoy getting tips on cool shops I might have overlooked!)

Sweet and Lovely Etsy Shops

1: High Street Market, Blue Glass Cocktail Set // 2: Elephantine, Gold Cluster Earrings

Sweet and Lovely Etsy Shops_2

3: littlebyrdvintage, Amber Glass Bottles // 4: SchickiMickis, Flora Fascinator

Sweet and Lovely Etsy Shops_3

5: Appledonia (Clothes for Children), Charlie the Caterpillar // 6: Inbar Shahak Textile Jewelry, Metal Lace Bracelet

(Fun fact: the first thing I ever bought from Etsy was an adorable little frog onesie for my nephew from Appledonia!)

Sweet and Lovely Etsy Shops_4

7:  BROOKLYNrehab, Charmed Letter Pin  // 8:  EllenVINTAGE, Kiana Clutch

Sweet and Lovely Etsy Shops_5

9: Hey Yo Yo, Rainbow Chevron Bags  // 10: Lucius Art, Be Awesome Today


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